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Our Officers, Our Pride, Our Guardians
About this picture: officer Jessica Levine's mother Sally Corl, a retired Pennsylvania Water Way Conservation Officer pins Levine's badge on her during the ceremony. Levine will be the first female placed on active work patrol in the department. 
Picture:ERIC CONOVER/standardspeaker.com

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About this picture: ERIC CONOVER/standardspeaker.com. New Hazleton police officers are, from left: Colton John Kishel; Joshua Jacob Keller; Pedro Leandro Bautista; and Scott Harper Greene.


Welcome to the Hazleton Police Department's Interactive Website. The Hazleton City Police Department protects and serves the people of Greater Hazleton with commitment combined with state-of-the-art law enforcement tools.  This unbeatable combination means Hazleton's police department is prepared to fight crime... and stop it before it starts.

The City of Hazleton is served by its own paid police department 24-hours a day under the direction of Chief of Police Jerry Speziale. 


Anonymous TIPS Submission   

Both our Mobile APP & website provide fully anonymous tips submission and increase our community involvement in solving or preventing crimes; Each tip is encrypted to protect the source identity and Anonymity confirmed by FBI testing.
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Community Alerts

Sign up for our "Community Alerts" in order to receive alerts regarding events in your area such as crime, fugitives, Amber Alerts, and emergencies through our website or email.
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Hazelton Alert System

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Our Leadership

Mayor Jeff Cusat 
Hazleton Mayor Jeffrey Cusat is a renowned and accomplished businessman and leader with years of experience. His early career began as the owner of Cusat’s Café in 1990, when he was elected to City Council in 2014 and then elected the 28th Mayor of Hazleton in 2015. Mayor Cusat is an innovative leader and served on council bringing new ideas and is committed to positive transformation and achieving a safer Hazleton. 

Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale
Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale is a renowned, accomplished, and decorated Law Enforcement leader with over 35 years’ experience. His early career with the NYPD DEA Task Force was the subject of a novel, “Without a Badge”, which he authored.  

Eyes On HazlEton

Keep your family, friends and our community safe by adding your  surveillance cameras and signing up for “Eyes On Hazleton” initiative.

Hazleton Police Department is partnering with the community to safe guard Hazleton by keeping our Eyes On Hazleton.  Together we can make Hazleton Safer. Simply follow these two steps to add your surveillance camera(s):

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